Cargas Energy Integration

We work with Cargas Energy to provide integrated credit card and ACH/e-check payment processing solutions that enable businesses to manage receivables with optimal ease and efficiency.


We provide simultaneous Utility & Developing Markets pricing, which has been proven to dramatically minimize credit card processing expenses for
energy businesses. REQUEST a complimentary cost analysis to see how your business could benefit from Utility and Developing Markets pricing.

Visa® + Mastercard® + Discover®

  • MasterCard & Discover transactions qualify for Utility pricing, which can reduce expenses by 40%.
  • Visa transactions qualify for Developing Markets pricing, which can reduce expenses by 20%.

If the categories below are not listed on your merchant statement, your business may not be receiving the special rates:

  • Utilities
  • Developing Markets
  • Select Markets
  • Retail 2

American Express OptBlue®

Businesses enrolled in OptBlue receive customized pricing, as well as simplified billing with one statement and one deposit for all card brands.


Transaction reporting, user permissions, and fraud protection tools are a few of the services that can be customized to fit your business model and


Our client care team provides prompt and efficient service, allowing you to focus on growing and managing your business.


  • EFFICIENCY: Eliminate the need to maintain a separate payment system, reduce human error and double entry.
  • TEAMWORK: Our dedicated teams work together to do the heavy lifting and technical work on your behalf.
  • PAYMENT METHODS: Keep up with consumer payment demands and accept payment by credit card and ACH/electronic check.
  • SECURITY & TOKENIZATION: PCI compliant technology and data tokenization helps protect your business and your customers’ payment information.
  • SPEEDY FUNDING: Receive bankcard deposits the next business day.

Merchant services is not a one-size-fits-all industry. We collaborate with you to determine the most advantageous pricing structure for your business
model. Additionally, we provide detailed pricing comparisons, Interchange Qualification analyses, and recommendations on business practices your
team can adopt to decrease merchant fees.