Here’s what others are saying…

Integration has made our check-out process super fast and extremely easy! It has cut down on the numbers of errors as well as paper supplies. Plus our rep was super easy to work with and made this entire process seamless.

~Kymberlee, Sun City, AZ

While we are still pretty new to MSG Payment Systems, I have to say so far their grade would rate at an A. They promised me some pretty substantial savings over the company that had been processing our credit cards. Our expenses to process credit card sales, (both through a web-based virtual terminal and at the counter via POS device) are wayyyy down. I give their support/customer service staff an A as well. The entire staff has proven to be friendly, reliable and extremely competent. In short, they have been a quality business partner that I would have no problem recommending to other propane marketers. In fact, I already have done so.

~Jerry, Elkhart Indiana

The staff at MSG Payment Systems have been some of the most knowledgeable and helpful people I have had the privilege of dealing with in business.

~Joey, Winnsboro, Louisiana

MSG Payment Systems has been very easy to work with. They set up our company with Virtual Terminal that we can access through our desktop computers to run credit cards for our customers, even without the card present, and receive the lower utility rates. MSG has been very helpful with any problems we have encountered.

~Jerry, Aberdeen, South Dakota

MSG Payment Systems always had time to make our credit card processing efficient and cost effective.

~Gary, Schofield, Wisconsin

Everything is going well in regard to your services! As a matter of fact I just got off the phone with the MSG Staff and they walked me through very quickly on how to credit a transaction that was duplicated. They have been very helpful whenever I have a problem which is almost never now that we've used the system for a while. I am very pleased with the CC processing.

~Bill, Dunlap, California

We’ve been using MSG Payment Systems for over 20 years now. We have generated hundreds of new members and retained them because of the products they provide. The non-dues revenue they generate has allowed our association to provide our members with a high level of service.

~Mary Lisa, Bismarck, North Dakota

MSG Payment Systems knows me personally and my store. I always feel comfortable asking them questions and getting an honest answer.

~Allyson, Ames, Iowa

A real, live person always answers the phone at MSG Payment Systems. If you have questions, they have the product and industry knowledge to answer them. MSG Payment Systems is competitive in their rates and they don’t pressure sell, unlike other companies.

~Connie, Carroll, Iowa