ACH Processing

ACH (or Automated Clearing House), commonly referred to as e-check or checks by phone, is a nationwide electronic funds transfer system which allows for transactions and payment transfers between financial institutions. This service allows you to electronically debit your customers’ checking and savings accounts for their purchases or services rendered.

Whether you need to accept a one-time payment or recurring payments, MSG Payment Systems offers a secure ACH payment processing solution to merchants in any industry, retail to B2B. With ACH capabilities, merchants can provide more flexible payment solutions to their customers while saving time and cutting costs associated with traditional paper check payments. Authorization is fast, easy and secure, reducing the wait time of traditional checks by making transfers immediately.

  • Fast – Funds are debited or credited in just one business day
  • Flexible – Set up recurring payments for repeat billing customers
  • Streamlined – Saves time preparing and processing paper invoices
  • Convenient – Processes transaction outside of businesses hours and anywhere
  • Accessible – Enables you to access transactional data and management reports in real-time
  • Robust – Receipts automatically emailed to customers for each transaction
  • Accurate – Ensures proper formatting and secure processing via our transaction platform