Keep Your Payments “Toolbox” Up to Date

Get paid faster and easier by replacing outdated processes with modern payment solutions. Think of it like a toolbox for your business: there are many tools for different jobs. With over 20 years experience in the energy industry, here are the tools we’ve seen make the greatest impact:

Software Integration

If you’re not processing payments directly in your software, you should strongly consider it!

It eliminates double entry busywork and reduces costs associated with installing and maintaining multiple systems. You’ll also see better accuracy with reduced keystroke errors and calculation mistakes.

Virtual Terminal

If you’re not using a software, a virtual terminal is a fantastic solution for you. It blows the simple credit card machine out of the water! The virtual terminal is a website where you process payments and store customer information. There are a lot of features that are perfect for energy companies. The top three are:

• Charge customers automatically. Great for budget pay customers.

• Customers can pay their bill 24/7 on the hosted payment page. The website is hosted on the virtual terminal, not your website or network, so you don’t have to worry about keeping that secure and updated.

• You can email invoices with a link to pay online.


One of the easiest ways to protect your business, reduce liability, and prevent a credit card data breach is to use a vault. If you’re using software or virtual terminal to process payments you most likely already have this. The vault securely stores credit card and bank account information off of your servers, computers, networks. It saves your employees time, enables you to charge customers on the due date, and reduces calls from customers.

It also has stronger security by storing sensitive payment information in a secure vault. Keeping those cards “on file” improves forecasting. You charge when the payment is due, instead of waiting for the customer to send in payment.

Account Updater

Account Updater service automatically updates credit cards that have expired, are about to expire, or that have been replaced. The many benefits include:

• Big time savings. Your employees spend less time calling and tracking down customers for their information.

• Fewer declined transactions and your cash flow has less interruptions.

• Elevate the customer experience: they don’t have to take time out of their workday to call in and give you updated information.

• Handle less sensitive information and reduce the chance of mis-keying.

ACH/Electronic Check

ACH is the fastest growing alternative payment – the days of paper checks are dwindling. By accepting this form of payment, you save your employees and your customers the hassles of paper checks. ACH processing fees vary by the service provider and the gateway you’re using, but in general they are typically cheaper to accept than credit cards.

Text to Pay

It was gaining steam before the pandemic, but then it really got kicked into overdrive with people wanting contactless payments. Even now that we’re getting back to normal, it’s staying put. Text to Pay sends your customers a text message with a link to pay their bill securely. Consumers love it. Everyone uses their phones for everything nowadays. It’s super convenient and much easier for someone to use during their busy day instead of calling into your office to make a payment.

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Merchant services should simplify your operations. Get paid faster and easier by replacing outdated processes with modern payment solutions. Think of it like a toolbox for your business: there are many tools for different jobs.

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