Have you outgrown

your payments provider?

Consumers, technology, and data security move fast. Does your payments provider offer products that keep your business up-to-date? Or, did you sign up years ago, and nothing’s changed since?

Payment processing should be included in strategic planning. You need a partner that offers tools that help you meet your expense, customer service, and operational goals.

 Four (of many) things your merchant services provider should do for you:

Reduce inefficiencies and unnecessary fees 

Using payment technology to “work smarter, not harder” is a sound business decision. Do employees take payments over the phone? Or manually charge budget customers each month? Those are two inefficiencies that have user-friendly fixes. Modern payment solutions save time, improve security, and reduce fees. 

Create a frictionless payment experience

Your customers want it to be easy to pay their bill. Services like textpay and online payments meet their demands and elevate their experience. Greater ease of use means that more bills get paid on time.

Make it simple to collect payments

Empower employees with tools that make it easy for them to do their job efficiently. This frees up time for them to work on other tasks that help drive your business forward.

Support you with world-class service

Is there anything worse than calling a 1-800 customer service line for help and connecting with an unqualified stranger? We think so, too. Our company philosophy is to become partners with our customers. We take time to learn how your business and customers operate. You’ll gain a customized merchant services program for your organization. And when questions arise, you’ll receive prompt service from a familiar, friendly, and knowledgeable team.

We’ve specialized in providing the energy industry with merchant services for over 20 years. Get in touch below, and our friendly team will reach out to learn more about how we can help your business. 

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