Practice Management Bridge®

One service does it all

Imagine being able to get patient information before the appointment, simplifying check-in/check-out, and saving staff time in the process. Practice Management Bridge handles all your payment needs and gives patients the modern experience they expect from healthcare providers. One solution for access to countless tools.

The best part? You don’t need to change your software. It works perfectly with the practice management system you currently use.

Tools Include:

  • Text to Pay
  • Contactless Capabilities
  • Automatic Posting
  • Digital Patient Registration
  • Card on File
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Online Payments
  • Customizable Messages

Dive into the features below.

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    What that looks like in your clinic

    Offering multiple ways to pay means getting paid faster while increasing client satisfaction. Use tools in the way it best helps your practice. This could look like displaying a QR code in the exam room for clients to scan and fill out while waiting. It could be sending a text for pickup including a payment link. Maybe you safely store card info in the vault for a fast check-out. The tools are at your fingertips to use however it makes your process easier.


    • Client Satisfaction
      • Clients look for convenient & flexible healthcare access
      • 70% of patients choose providers who send emails or texts
      • Clients can choose preferred way to pay
    • Save Time
      • Minimize call-in payments
      • Reduce data entry
      • Remove unnecessary paperwork
      • Speed up check-in and check-out process
    • Improve Profitability
      • Save labor costs by driving staff efficiency
      • Reduce paper and printing costs
      • Increase collections by providing multiple payment options

    Save time, money, and effort with easy-to-use payment tools designed specifically for the healthcare industry. As easy to implement as it is to use, Practice Management Bridge expedites the payment process.

    Let us tackle payments so you can focus on what really matters – caring for your patients.

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      Tool Features

      Text to Pay
      Patients make online payments through text message links

      • Send text before appointment to fill out payment information for faster check-out
      • Text client for pick-ups and include link to pay right then
      • Alert patients to upcoming payments and invoices

      Contactless Capabilities
      Fast, one-step payment method consumers are expecting

      • Mobile wallet apps like, Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®
      • Tap-to-pay cards
      • Digital Wallets
      • QR code to scan in exam rooms, at checkout, on statements, or wherever you need

      Automatic Posting
      Easily post payments to the patient ledger in your practice management system

      • Save time and errors when payments auto post

      Digital Patient Registration
      Let patients fill out forms electronically before visits

      • Creates a fast and contactless check-in process
      • Improve the accuracy of patient info
      • Less data entry for staff
      • Collect payment info ahead of time for quick checkout

      Card on File
      Safely store preferred payment information for future charges

      • Easy for staff and easy for customers
      • Speedy check-out process

      Flexible Payment Plans
      Make financing manageable by offering smaller payments over time

      • Strengthen loyalty and make it possible for more patients to get care they may not have otherwise been able to afford

      Online Payments
      Accept Payments on your website and share the link on emails and statements

      • Allows clients to pay 24/7 whenever they think about it
      • No need to wait for clinic hours
      • Less calls for staff to manage

      Customizable Messages
      Send patients reminders, outreach, billing notifications, and more in text messages

      • SMS open rates are as high as 98%
      • Preferred communication for 85% of people
      • Easy to send out reminders, announcements, and payment links

      Let’s get started together!

      Practice Management Bridge® is a registered trademark of Rectangle Health.