Gift Card Processing

Enjoy access to MSG Payment Systems’ comprehensive electronic gift card program that can seamlessly integrate with many existing point-of-sale and payment processing operations. All payment transactions — gift, credit or debit — can run on one system, giving you greater payment flexibility and streamlined operations.

Features & Benefits
  • Professionally designed gift card templates or flexibility to create your own
  • Integration of all store locations
  • 24/7 access to online reporting
  • Cards have no value until activated
  • Merchants retain any unused balance (subject to state laws)
  • Consumers often spend more than the card’s face value

Loyalty Program

MSG Payment Systems offers a loyalty solution that is full-service, affordable, and proven to retain customers and increase sales. We can help your business easily offer rewards and incentives when customers show up, share, shop and more. Choose to communicate with customers through personalized letters, postcards, emails, voice broadcasts, social media or online incentives.

There is no data for you to track and no letters or promotions that you need to print and mail. All of the labor-intensive work that comes with marketing to your customers and prospects will be managed for you. Simply enroll your customers and let the loyalty program automatically do the rest!

How does it work?
  1. Members shop, dine, or visit – earning points for every dollar spent.
  2. Members receive an award certificate.
  3. Members come back to shop, dine and visit!
  4. Cycle all over again. Spend and earn; redeem and save. Your customers will love your program!
Our loyalty solution can help solve many issues businesses face today, including how to:
  • Maximize a marketing budget
  • Capture and maintain customer data
  • Increase the visit rate of current customers
  • Prevent customers from defecting
  • Set the business apart from competitors
  • Attract new customers