Payment Page Builder

The Hosted Payment Page Builder allows you to quickly customize and publish a securely-hosted payment page that you can accept credit card and ACH/e-check payments on 24/7/365. The page is hosted on our secure servers, therefore, you will not need a secure certificate on your own website. This is ideal for businesses that do not require a full ecommerce solution and are looking for a simple donation or billpay page.

Send the payment form to your customers a variety of ways, including; embedding the automatically-generated form or button on a page of your existing website or send them the link to visit the page directly.

Many businesses have a need to accept monthly payments or payments at a specified interval. Our payment page tools allow you to provide recurring payments as an option to your customers or donors.

Customization options include:

  • Look and feel: Add logos and images, modify text and page colors to match your website and branding.
  • Add custom text fields for additional information pertaining to the transaction (such as an account number or invoice number), multiple choice, or dropdown.
  • Choose which fields are required in order to process a transaction.
  • Set a minimum payment amount.
  • CAPTCHA verification included to reduce fraudulent sales.
  • Payment receipts automatically emailed to cardholder.
  • Configure fraud filters to minimize risk of fraudulent transactions.
  • Allow customer to establish a recurring payment schedule.