QuickBooks® SyncPay

The SyncPay plug-in enables users to process credit card and ACH transactions, create accounting entries, and apply payments to invoices and sales receipts, all within the QuickBooks environment. Merchants can also take advantage of the other payment solutions within the gateway, including mobile processing, virtual terminal, and online payments, and use the sync feature to import transaction data to QuickBooks and mark invoices and receipts as paid with the touch of a button. The Sync tool compares transaction and invoice/receipt data to help you quickly pair transactions to open invoices and receipts within seconds.

Service Features

  • Credit card and bank account data is stored in the secure online vault
  • Card swiper for card-present transactions
  • Automated recurring billing for repeat customers
  • Accept payments through a variety of channels, including online bill pay, e-commerce, mobile device, and a web-based virtual terminal.
  • Gateway is compatible with over 100 shopping carts
  • Increased time and labor efficiencies
  • Apply multiple payments against open invoices