Updated 10/22/2020

How It Works

  1. Complete the Merchant Services Application. Enter your information on the first page and click continue to review pricing, terms, and to sign electronically. A copy of your Application will be emailed to you. Contact Michelle Hemping (888.697.8831 or michelle (@) msgpay.com) for the secure Application link.
  2. Merchant Account Approval. Accounts are typically approved within 1-2 business days. We will reach out to you if additional information is needed. Please respond as quickly as possible to prevent any delays in approval.
  3. Authorize.Net Gateway Activated. We will activate your Authorize.Net and call you to customize your settings and guide you through accessing your API credentials. Important: Authorize.Net will bill your bank account independent from the merchant account at $25.00 per month, $0.10 per transaction, and $0.10 per batch.
  4. Send info to Online Specialist. You will contact your assigned GO Express Online Specialist and provide your API key to route payments to your account.

Additional Information

  • Per Visa’s best practices, your GO Express e-commerce website must have the following:
    • Privacy Policy
    • Refund Policy
    • Two forms of contact information for your business